When you are trying to conceive –and it is not happening as quickly as you hoped – you can become increasingly anxious, frustrated, and stressed. This can impede your hormonal balance, making it harder to become pregnant. But what if we told you that adding oils to your bath could improve your chances of getting pregnant? Essential oils have been shown to have a calming, yet revitalizing influence that may improve the functioning of the reproductive system.


1. Lavender: Calms and relaxes the mind. It balances the endocrine system and helps regulate scanty menstruation. It is extremely beneficial for people who are in an unbalanced emotional state. PregPrep’s conception kit comes with an Essential Balance Oil, which contains lemon, grapefruit, juniper and lavendine. We recommend the use of this therapeutic bath as a prelude to the best part of baby making!

2. Geranium: This oil is wonderful for balancing hormones and regulating your cycle. It also has a calming effect to sooth your emotions and help you de-stress.

3. Rose Otto: This oil helps to relax the uterus as well as help regulate your menstrual cycle. Rose Otto has a libido-enhancing effect and also improves cervical mucus. But remember: once you are pregnant, it is recommended to discontinue use.

4. Yarrow: Yarrow is a detoxifying oil which helps relieve pelvic congestion and prevent inflammation. It’s also known for supporting the digestive and urinary tracts.

5. Clary Sage: This oil influences your estrogen levels and helps your body regulate its hormones naturally. And on top of all that, it’s a libido booster! This is so important when getting pregnant becomes more of a task than a treat. Clary sage is also beneficial for male infertility as well as treating hormonal imbalances.

6. Fennel: This essential oil has been renowned for thousands of years for its effects on the female reproductive system. It helps painful periods as well as helps regulate the menstrual cycle.

So next time you go to enjoy a nice, warm bath, don’t forget to add these essential oils to boost your fertility!