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Our Mission to Help Women

We were two healthy sisters-in-law in our 30’s, with successful careers as a physician and marketing executive, when we decided to start our families.

To say we were ready to get pregnant was an understatement. We were beyond ready. There was nothing we had ever wanted more, and we didn’t want to wait another minute to be on the road to motherhood.

Both of us assumed that our passion, determination and well-studied ovulation charts would get us pregnant in no time. So when one month turned into two and then four and we still weren’t pregnant, we began considering other ways to get things going. Friends offered the well-meaning advice, “Just relax and it will happen.” But we didn’t want to “just relax.”

Our philosophy had always been: good things come to those who get out there and make them happen. If we could be PROACTIVE and get ourselves in optimal physical condition for pregnancy, why wouldn’t we do it?

So we scoured medical literature, read practically every “how-to” pregnancy book on the market, and talked with doctors and nutritionists. Our exhaustive research revealed three factors that can aid in conception, as well as support the ideal conditions for reproductive health: priming your uterus, eliminating free radicals, and proper nutritional support. Fueled by this discovery, we spent hours roaming the family-planning and vitamin aisles in drugstores and health-food stores. To our amazement, there were few, if any, choices for women trying to conceive.

Frustrated with the offerings on the market, we decided to create our own destiny — and help yours — by giving birth to our Company, PregPrep LLC. Six children later, and with guidance from a top OB/GYN, we created PregPrep and have developed safe, effective products based on key medical principles to help support conception.

PregPrep is here to give you control of your pregnancy journey. It gives us tremendous satisfaction to offer women like you the very products we had searched for in vain when we were trying to start our families.

All of us at PregPrep wish you the very best as you embark on this extraordinary journey.

You’re ready – and with PregPrep, you’re also prepared.

Warmest Wishes,
Lara & Marjorie

• PregPrep Co-Founders

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