Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to practice the very best part of baby making! PregPrep wants to offer you 20% off on our Natural Conception Kit to help you kick start your pregnancy. To get started, check out these positions that can enhance your chances of conceiving!


1. Missionary. With the man on top and you on your back, the missionary position may help you conceive. Your pelvis is tilted upward, which may help the sperm move closer to the cervix. It’s also one of the most romantic positions because unlike others, it allows you and your partner to maintain eye contact – perfect for a romantic tryst!

2. Doggy style. This position is great for baby making. It helps increase the amount of penetration and opens the cervix more than many other positions.

3. Woman on top. Although you’re working against gravity, some experts say it doesn’t matter. Plus, for some women, this position is most pleasurable, which is also important when trying to conceive. Some doctors say that the most important positions for conceiving are the ones that are most comfortable for the woman.

4. Spooning. With your lover behind you as you lie on your side, this pose will help make sure the sperm reaches the cervix, as your pelvis is tilted in the right position. Although this position doesn’t allow for quite as deep penetration, it does help you relax, which can b important when trying to get pregnant.

PregPrep wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!