Most prenatal vitamins are designed to offer a nutritional safety-net for women during pregnancy. They are designed to ensure that the mother is not depleted while undergoing the intense physical process of pregnancy as well as to ensure the healthy development of the fetus. And of course prenatal vitamins are not meant to be a replacement for a healthy diet full of the rich nutrients in a colorful, fresh diet composed of a variety of fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins. Studies suggest that the vitamins in fresh food are absorbed far more effeciently by the body, than those found in supplements. But because it is hard to have a perfect diet, the vitamin offers a back-up. The most essential component of a good prenatal vitamin for the period prior to conception is Folic Acid. This is a nutrient that is hard to get in the recommended dosage from diet alone. Folic Acid has been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of certain birth defects and needs to build up in the system prior to conception, so should be taken as soon as you are trying to conceive. In short: prenatal vitamins help to ensure a healthy pregnancy, and are essential (due to Folic Acid) for preventing certain birth defects. But can prenatal vitamins also help you get pregnant?
So far researchers have failed to show a direct connection between some of the nutrients found in prenatal vitamins and increased chances for pregnancy. But there may be a powerful indirect connection between some vitamins and enhanced fertility. For example, certain vitamins, such as B12 and Vitamin D, have been shown to help with the reproductive systems that regulate ovulation and may in turn offer a benefit for fertility.
One possible problem for a woman trying to conceive may be that to get the benefits these vitamins can offer for fertility, she must also ingest nutrients that are not essential pre-pregnancy. Often these pills are large, difficult to swallow, and may cause nausea and/or constipation. There are thousands upon thousands of women who have reported their frustration with the common prenatal “horse pill”. Many supplement providers have responded to this issue with chewable or even powdered prenatal options.
PregPrep has developed an innovative solution to this problem with its new customized prenatal VitaMelts. They are the first prenatal specialized just for conception. These pleasant-tasting meltaways offer all the vitamins and nutrients essential to promoting pregnancy without the long laundry list found in post-conception vitamins.

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