Via ABC News

As you prepare your body for baby, your diet is one of the most crucial factors to successfully get in fertility mode! Adding fruits and vegetables to your meal plan is an obvious “do”, but did you know there are certain drinks that are an obvious “don’t” for your pregnancy diet?

Fertility Medical Group researchers in Brazil observed how diet and sugary drinks can impact women’s fertility over the course of two years. Their findings proved that “both sugar and substitute sugar both cause eggs to be less likely to be successfully implanted into the womb.”

Women who ingest soft drinks on a regular basis are linked to reduced pregnancy rates. The artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas and substitute sugars commonly added to coffee showed a decrease in egg health.

The team analyzed 5,548 egg cells provided by women who were receiving fertility treatment at the time. Researchers reported “shape defects in the eggs and how well the egg performed after being fertilized by sperm.”

Researchers of the Federal University of Sao Paulo confirmed that “unsweetened coffee, however, had no effect on egg quality or pregnancy chances”.

Overall, the studies did not confirm what role bodyweight played in these findings. But being overweight may have a negative impact on a woman’s ability to conceive and even disrupt her estrogen levels.

As an alternative, we suggest consuming drinks with natural sugar and creating at home smoothies to help boost your fertility health. Check out six smoothies we’ve shared that are packed with powerful antioxidants to help aid egg and sperm health.