PregPrep’s Tips For Fully Enjoying Your Crew this Thanksgiving

We love Thanksgiving; and not just for the guilt-free gorging. As a Company dedicated to helping women start and grow their families, we have a special affection for the holiday that most celebrates the ideal of family togetherness.  Thanksgiving offers a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the hustle of our lives and enjoy quality time with loved ones.  But we all know that the stress of travel, the pressure of cooking for a crowd, and the strain of elbows bumping for too long at the table can all take away from the full joy of this holiday.  With that in mind, we’d like to share some ideas for keeping your joy-in-togetherness intact as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year:

Disconnect to Re-connect. Sometimes tuning in means turning off.  We’ll be pulling the plug on our devices this Thanksgiving holiday and putting them away.  Some of us might be able to easily unplug for a whole day, while others might only be able to commit to four un-textable hours. But no matter how long we can hold out, we know we’ll be rewarded with a gratifying, distraction-free focus on family.

Give A Little Bit.  Why is it the smallest acts of kindness seem to have the biggest pay-off? Put your big heart to good use this holiday with small gestures of generosity and gratefulness. Make it a family affair–acts of charity delivered as a team are a great way to build family bonds and multiply your giving power. Volunteer at a soup kitchen; deliver meals to the elderly in your town; donate gently warm coats and mittens to a local charity. Clean out your playroom and bring toys to a shelter. Each small act brings happiness and a smile to those who receive; and will bring you a feeling of appreciation for all that you have.

Go For The Laughs.  There’s nothing better than a good laugh, at any occasion. And though we can’t force funny to happen, we can definitely be open to the opportunities.  Tell hilarious family stories from the past; get a game of telephone going at the dinner table for the kids and the adults, or just notice the humor in the ordinary moments. And when someone spills mashed sweet potatoes on your new dress, resist the urge to get tense. Instead, dip your finger in your lap and say: “Yummy, but it needs a bit more salt,” as you reach for the shaker.

Step Outside Your Zone. Thanksgiving is all about traditions, but that doesn’t mean your interaction with family should be in a lockstep from year to year. Set the refresh button on your usual pattern to keep relationships lively and engaged.  If you usually discuss politics at the “big people’s table”, this year get down on the floor and play Monopoly with the kids. If you’re usually the one making it all happen in the kitchen, pass along those oven mitts and spend more time socializing in the living room.

Really Be There.  Sometimes we show up at a social gathering but we aren’t really present. You deserve to enjoy this holiday, and that can only happen if you relax and dive into it. Put work distractions and other life stressors aside and really focus on the people you are with during your time together on this holiday.   Have engaging eye-to-eye conversations, lean in and listen, play games, cook together, clean up together. But most of all, allow yourself to fully soak up the wonderful one-of-a-kind energy brought about by this rare gathering of your family and friends.