Trying-to-conceive can be hard work! From deciding which prenatal vitamins to take to understanding your cervical mucus to deciding the best time to take a pregnancy test. One thing you may have picked up on during your conception journey is that timing is EVERYTHING!

Have you ever noticed a peak in your sex drive at a certain time of the month? Or that your partner is more attracted to you than usual? Well, there’s a method to this baby-making madness! Mother Nature wants you to get pregnant and is doing everything in her power to get that egg fertilized!

Read on to learn more about the link between your libido and ovulation cycle.


You Are More Attractive Approaching Ovulation

It’s not Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, yet the hubster can’t seem to take his hands off you! Very Well Family shares a study that found that: “Men rated the photographs of ovulating women as more attractive or flirtatious than the women photographed after ovulation”. In fact, additional research proves that women’s facial features slightly shift and are more symmetrical approaching ovulation.


When Are You Most Likely to Experience A Stronger Sex Drive?

Researcher Allen Wilcox of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences states that: “There apparently are biological factors promoting intercourse during a woman’s six fertile days, whether she wants a baby or not”. Studies have also found that couples have sex 24% more frequently during the most fertile days of the women’s monthly cycle.

Web MD reports that: “The five days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation are the days in a woman’s menstrual cycle when she is most fertile. Increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse during these days increases the chance of pregnancy”.


Why Does Your Libido Increase During Ovulation?

There are many theories as to why your libido peaks during your ovulation cycle. An increase in the hormone LH (a hormone that triggers ovulation and affects the sex organs), plays a big role in your desire to have intercourse with your partner and reproduce. In addition, an increase in cervical mucus also helps add to your natural want to do that baby dance. Lastly, your ovulatory hormones help increase blood flow to your reproductive organs, making you want to connect with your partner.

Although it’s best to keep PregPrep’s Ovulation Calendar bookmarked for the best estimate of your most fertile days, sometimes listening to your body’s intuition and sexual desires is a natural and fun way to plan intercourse when trying to get a bun in the oven.


Are You Experiencing A Low Libido?

All sex drives aren’t created equal. If you’ve noticed that your libido feels lower than usual check out these 5 ways to help boost your sex drive naturally. De-stressing, bonding outside of the bedroom and even eating fertility-friendly foods are great ways to help get you in the mood when trying for a baby. If your libido doesn’t improve after making these changes, you may also want to consult with your trusted OB-GYN, as a low sex drive may allude to a hormonal imbalance.