73448801_47Many women reach the point in life when they are ready to start a family with a feeling of confidence and excitement. No woman knows if she will be able to get pregnant in the first month or the third or the fifth month of trying, but most women assume that it won’t take long if they are healthy and willing. However, conception does not always happen as easily as one expects. And for women who wait longer to start their families, the prospect of possibly waiting several months or more to conceive is stressful and anxiety provoking.

Can you do anything to possibly improve your odds for getting pregnant faster? The answer is undoubtedly, Yes! While there is no way to account for every factor that contributes to successful conception, there are many known variables that can be enhanced to tilt the odds in your favor.

Here are a few things you CAN do to get on mother nature’s good side:

1. Get to a healthy weight and adopt a fertility-boosting diet. Science has shown that certain nutrients can enhance fertility. (See our article on Foods to Increase Fertility.)
2. Track your ovulation and have intercourse on the five days leading up to your ovulation day. Timing is the most important component in the baby-making game.
3. Take a supplement with nutritional support that medical research has shown will promote the ideal conditions for conception.

The Make That Baby Kit by PregPrep is a comprehensive, doctor-developed kit created to promote the ideal conditions for conception and healthy pregnancy. It offers many key benefits to help you get pregnant fast.