We had a wonderful time speaking with Allison Kasirer, founder of FertileGirl, the pre-pregnancy nutrition Company, and learning all about her exciting work bringing fertility into the judgment-free zone. After working on the JP Morgan trading floor for eight years, Allison left finance to create FertileGirl and became a mother herself of twin boys. Read on to find out what she has to say!

What is FertileGirl?

FertileGirl is a nutrition Company and community empowering women to make healthy choices and doing our part to destigmatize the fertility/pregnancy conversation.  

What was the inspiration behind FertileGirl?

The company was born out of my personal fertility journey. After struggling to get pregnant, I focused on managing my stress and eating healthier, even making my own nutrition bars after researching the best nutrients for women trying to conceive.  I also stopped treating fertility like a big secret and started talking–to friends, specialists anyone that would listen. FertileGirl started as an online community for other women on their own fertility journeys and has evolved into a consumer foods brand that launched its first product, FertileGirl’s superfood nutrition bars in late April 2017.  

Can you share some advice for women who are trying-to-conceive?

Mother Yourself.  Many women realize how important self-care is during pregnancy because of the life growing inside of you.  However, it is just as important in pre-pregnancy and postpartum. 

As a mother and businesswoman, how do you find a work/life balance and remain stress-free?

The only way to find balance is to have a village!  You can have it all, but you can’t do it all. My husband is a true partner.  We are 50/50. He changes diapers, cooks dinner, buys groceries; I buy toiletries and household items. We take turns being “on duty” every other morning so the other person can exercise.  As a young woman visualizing what my husband would be like, I think I underestimated how important that type of partnership would be. Our parents are amazing grandparents and all incredibly helpful with the boys. Our nanny is wonderful with the boys, and I trust her completely to care for them in our absence.  

Check out more about FertileGirl’s amazing product and her journey at https://fertilegirl.com/.