We had a great time speaking with Andrea Syrtash, founder of pregnantish, the first online magazine that helps people navigate the realities of infertility and fertility. Andrea Syrtash is a relationship author and has also personally struggled with infertility with her husband. That was the leading force in creating pregnantish, to create a place where both women and men can go learn about the emotional, relational, financial, and so many other parts of infertility and fertility. In honor of National Infertility Week, we wanted to share Andrea’s story and wisdom with you about the reality of facing infertility and the challenges that come along with it.

Tell us about pregnatish?

pregnantish is the first media site exclusively dedicated to helping singles, couples, LGBT navigate infertility and/or fertility treatments.

What was the inspiration behind pregnantish? 

I’ve been a relationship author and in the media for a number of years while my husband and I have been trying to start our family. I’ve had a medical issue since I was 14 (when I was diagnosed with endometriosis) and always knew I’d have an issue getting or staying pregnant, but never imagined I’d be here about seven years later!

I always say that infertility is as much a relationship issue as a medical one. When you’re having trouble getting pregnant or experiencing miscarriage, it affects your relationships in the deepest way.  (All relationships! As much as you love your friends, it can be tough to see so many friends announcing pregnancies or attending another baby shower when you’re going through infertility.)

I’ve covered all the chapters of modern day relationships – dating, living together, marriage, in-laws, parenting – and somehow I missed over 7 million Americans who are navigating infertility, one of the biggest relationship chapters.

Can you share some advice for women who are trying-to-conceive and struggling? 

My biggest advice is to practice self-care. We can be so hard on ourselves and blame ourselves for not easily conceiving.

Also, find support where you can – with friends and family who you find comforting and/or who you can vent to. On pregnantish we have very active social media pages (and a motivational newsletter) so you are reminded that you’re not alone!

As a businesswoman, how do you find a work/life balance and try to remain stress-free?

I’m still learning how to find balance! I try to embrace the advice I have in my book “Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband)” which is to sweat the small stuff. We always hear not to pay attention to the small stuff, but I believe small steps towards self-care and positive change shifts everything. I’ll spend an extra 10 minutes at the nail salon to get a massage while my nails dry! I’ll walk home the long way to walk on a pretty street. My husband and I will schedule a fun night out in the city, even when we only have a short window of time. I often advise people to stop thinking in terms of all or nothing — and I try to embrace this, too!

For more, you can find me www.andreasyrtash.com and www.pregnantish.com
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