The more we become aware of pollution’s harmful effects on the Earth, the more people are ditching their cars and choosing cycling as their primary means of transportation. And while cycling is an excellent exercise, we must ask if it’s just as healthy a fitness regime for your partner’s preconception health?

Read on to learn how cycling may affect your partner’s fertility when trying for a baby.

Is Cycling Harmful to Male Fertility?

You know what they say, “Too much of anything is bad”. Unfortunately, the old saying may also apply to men who cycle while trying-to-conceive. Male factor is just as important as female when trying to get a bun in the oven, so its vital that your partner restrains from activities that may harm his sperm health.

Women’s Health Mag discusses the sensitive nature of testicles and how overheating may affect a man’s preconception health: “The ideal temperature of the testes is 3-4C below body temperature – any warmer and his little swimmers could drop off. These, testy little guys are affected by lots of things: tight underwear, alcohol intake, smoking, stress, and his two-wheeler”.


What Type of Damage Can Cycling Cause?

Whether cycling is your partner’s favorite pastime, or he simply uses it to commute to work, it’s crucial to understand the damage it may cause on his reproductive health.

Fertility expert Dr Xiao-Ping Zhai from the Zhai Clinic shares the physical impact cycling may have on male fertility :“Regular or prolonged cycling on hard bicycle seats can cause reproductive damage over time because compression changes during cycling (read: hills, bumps and humps) can cause a reduction in penile blood flow”.

Dr Robert Kessler, a professor of urology at Stanford University weighs in and reports the serious damage cycling can have on your partner’s reproductive organs: “Testicular damage, inflammation, erectile problems and impaired sperm production”.


The Solution

Although excessive cycling may harm male fertility, we wouldn’t advise your partner retiring his two-wheeler just yet! Cycling is a great form of exercise and helps keep you fit while trying for a baby. To combat the negative effects of cycling, Dr. Zhai recommends your partner investing in a heart-shaped gel cycling seat with depression in the center to take the perineum, which helps the blood flow and give his testes healthy breathing room. Your partner may also adjust his seated position or stand while cycling to relieve pressure.