Many of us who are ready to conceive would be happy to discover a sexual position shown to improve our odds of getting pregnant. Some of us would be willing to try the most gymnastic position in the Kama Sutra if we thought it might get us on the path to motherhood faster.

But when it comes to the style of the baby-making dance, there doesn’t seem to be one set of moves that proves “best” for promoting conception. Whether a couple does it in the missionary position, with the woman on top, or entwined while swinging from the light fixture—no particular position has been shown to be better than any other for achieving success.

Some experts suggest that a woman stay in bed anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour after intercourse to keep the sperm pooled at the top of the vagina. Some even go so far as encouraging the woman to lay on her back with her knees up; or to place her feet on the wall with her hips raised on a small pillow. But other fertility experts insist that this is completely unnecessary, as swimming sperm are not vulnerable to the pull of gravity. Experts do agree, however, that women should avoid douching right after intercourse, and couples should be careful to use only “sperm friendly” lubricants, as many on the market are inhospitable to sperm.

Most importantly, couples who are trying to conceive should not worry about penetration angles and body temperature, as the pressure to achieve pregnancy can be so stressful that the joy of sex becomes the chore of conception. Making a baby isn’t always easy, but it should certainly be fun.

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