Sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle, as it improves memory, curbs inflammation, boosts creativity, and maintains a healthy weight. Getting a full night’s rest comes with countless benefits for your overall health, which also applies to your fertility. We’ve already discussed The Link Between Sleep and Fertility for women, but new research has revealed that there is also a correlation between the amount of sleep that men get and their preconception health.

Check out how your partner’s sleeping habits may affect your ability to get pregnant.

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Can sleep affect fertility?

Professor of Epidemiology at Boston University, Lauren Wise, studied the number of hours 790 couples got per night. She discovered that men who under-slept or over-slept resulted with a lower chance of pregnancy: “It is possible that poor sleep duration could contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle, decreased libido, and a decrease in sex”.

How much sleep should my partner get?

Lauren Wise, states that men should get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. Wise also explains that getting too little or too much sleep may also lower chances of conception: “We found both short and long sleep duration — less than six hours or nine plus per night — were associated with a reduced probability of pregnancy”.

Sleeping Habits

If you notice your partner tossing and turning each night, it is time to introduce helpful sleep techniques so he can catch some extra Z’s. Check out a few sleeping habits that should do the trick:

  • Avoid napping throughout the day
  • Do not sleep with your phone or laptop
  • Drink chamomile tea before bedtime
  • Set a bedtime and stick to it!