We have a soft spot for Valentine’s day. How could we not love a day that celebrates two of the greatest inventions in human history: chocolate and romantic love?  Since PregPrep is a company that’s all about what happens when true love is ready to put its creative powers into action, we thought we’d celebrate by sharing a list of 7 amazing scientific facts about love.  We’re pretty sure that deep love is far more than just a chemical reaction, but it appears our wiring plays a part.  And just for fun each fact is titled with a popular song about love…can you guess the artists who sang them?

1. Love Is The Drug
: Its been proven over and over that love activates areas of the brain with a high concentration of receptors for dopamine (associated with euphoria, craving, and addiction) and its relative, norepinephrine. Different from lust (which activates hormones and is more akin to hunger or thirst) love truly delivers a natural high.
2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You: Several scientific studies suggest that merely staring into another person’s eyes is a strong precursor to love. In one experiment, strangers of the opposite sex were put in a room together for 90 minutes where they shared personal details and then stared into each other’s eyes without talking. Many felt a deep attraction for each other, and one couple was married six months later!
3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love: When someone looks at a new love, the neural circuits that are usually associated with social judgment are suppressed. Also, romantic love releases seratonin which can boost obsessive thoughts.  May explain why you wrote your boyfriend’s name 1,000 times instead of writing that English Lit essay.
4. Love Hurts: A study of college students who had just been rejected by their sweethearts showed they had strong activity in the brain associated with the insular cortex, the part of the brain that experiences physical pain.e
5. Take A Chance On Me:  Studies show that if a couple meets in a dangerous situation, like a ship in a terrible storm at sea, they are more likely to fall in love than if they met by the water cooler at work.
6. It’s In His Kiss: The average person in their lifetime will spend an estimated 20,160 minutes kissing!   The longest recorded kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. People are more likely to tilt their heads to the right when kissing instead of the left (65 percent of people go to the right).
7. Two Hearts Beat as One: A recent study had pairs of lovers and pairs of non-lovers stare into each other’s eyes for a significant period.  At the end only the pairs who were in love had perfectly synchronized heartbeats.  Now that’s just beautiful.

And remember if you and your true love are ready to Make That Baby, PregPrep is here for you.