Having trouble getting pregnant? Or just want to take better care of your body? Hippocrates was on to something when he advised, “Let food be thy medicine”. There are many vitamins and nutrients that are crucial for female health and fertility, many of which women tend to overlook. Your mom always told you to eat your fruits and veggies but did she ever remind you to load up on CoQ10? What about Lipoic acid? Most likely not….So we at PregPrep want to share five easy to make, delicious and nutritious summer recipes.

1. Did you know that broccoli contains a higher percentage of vitamin C than orange juice? So skip your morning glass of OJ, which is packed with sugar and practically breeds cavities, and turn to one of our favorite recipes from Sugar Free Mom. We all love a good broccoli salad at a summer bbq, but they can also be loaded with mayonnaise and fatty fillers. This mayo-free broccoli salad with honey yogurt dressing is sure to satisfy the craving without compromising nutrition. And the best part? This salad will provide that boost of vitamin C you need in order to raise hormone levels and increase fertility. (this magic vitamin even reduces the risk of miscarriage

2. Unleash your wild side. Wild caught salmon is chock-full of B6, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and iron, which are four vital nutrients for female health. Domesticate Me’s Ginger Soy Glazed Salmon requires a few ingredients but only takes 20 minutes start to finish. Light and healthy, this summer meal contains all the vitamins you need regulate hormone levels, promote uterine health, and prevent against anovulation. So go fish!

3. Although sweet potatoes usually call to mind falling leaves and autumn sweaters, this recipe that includes lime and cilantro puts a whole new spin on a comfort food classic. The Food Network’s grilled sweet potatoes with lime and cilantro lightens up this filling super food, making it the perfect side for a summer picnic. Not only will your taste buds be happy but your body will thank you for the much-needed vitamins B6 and C, lipoic acid, and iron, as well. Add a sprinkle of feta cheese to boost your calcium levels and your chances of conceiving!

4.Pump some iron. No, not at the gym—in the kitchen! Iron deficiency is more common than you would think…and vastly undiagnosed. In fact, about 20 percent of American women and 50 percent of pregnant women suffer from anemia. But luckily,b this spinach and berry salad combines several powerhouse ingredients to make you one satisfied fertile-myrtle. The spinach will provide you with a healthy dose of manganese, which has been linked to fertility and reduction of birth defects. And the berries not only ooze antioxidants and summer flavors, they prevent against cancer too.

5. What’s better than Buffalo wings in the summertime? This guilt-free buffalo cauliflower recipe from The Clean Eating Machine. This dish takes about thirty minutes to prepare, will be a hit with the whole family and your waistline. Cauliflower contains a very powerful nutrient called choline—never heard of it? Most people haven’t but it plays a crucial role in fetal brain development, making it a pregnancy essential.

If you have thirty minutes today, you can make any of these easy, delicious recipes. And remember–when you eat well, you feel well and when you feel well, you look even better!