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“It took me quite a bit to get pregnant, so I researched ways to support my reproductive health, and I found FertilPrep! I figured why not give it a shot for one cycle and see what happens. I started taking it twice a day, starting 5 days after my period began. The pills are easy to swallow and smell good, which is nice! And then…I got a positive pregnancy test two weeks later and I’m really glad I gave this product a try!”


Abby, 28, New Hampshire

“Hello my name is Tina. I just wanted to give you a very, very big thank you! My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. I finally reached the end of my rope and almost gave up but then discovered PregPrep. We decided to give it a shot last month. We went out of town for Father’s day and I ended up getting sick so we came home. I decided to take a pregnancy test but didn’t think anything of it. When I went to check the test, IT WAS POSITIVE! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. This product really worked and on our first try too!”

Tina, 28, Utah

“After trying to conceive for quite some time, my husband and I began using PregPrep Complete Conception + Male FertliPrep. Within two months of working with our fertility specialist (who LOVED PregPrep) and taking the supplements, we became pregnant!! We are now 11 weeks with our first baby and we cannot thank PregPrep enough!”

Jennifer, 27, Alaska

“My name is Brenda Lewis and I would like to share my story on how PregPrep helped me and my husband conceive. It took us a while to get pregnant. We consulted our doctor who encouraged us to keep trying. So, on January 3rd, 2016 (my birthday!) I did some research and found PregPrep online. I read every testimonial and talked it over with my hubby, who went and bought it for me. I started taking the supplements and got pregnant 2 1/2 months later. We had a healthy baby girl on January 1st 2017! Thank you so much for your products, PregPrep. You are truly life savers! We would like to have one more baby and will definitely be using PregPrep again”

Brenda Lewis

“Your product is amazing!! I have been on it for close to 3 months and have just got my positive test!”

Kerry, 31

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