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“I loved the Pregprep Kit! It was easy to use because it came in a convenient package and  the supplements did not upset my sensitive tummy. My favorite part was probably the bath oil, though. It smells great and really helped me to relax, which is so important when you’re “trying.” It think Pregprep helped me conceive faster than if I had been just charting my cycles, I wasn’t even finished with the package before we found out we have a little one on the way!”

Jamie, 29, California

“I knew the importance of taking folic acid when trying to conceive from when I had my first child years ago. But until a friend told me about the Make That Baby Kit, I never realized how effective a natural mucolytic would be. The combination of PregPrep’s VitaMelts, with just the essentials a woman needs when she’s trying to have a baby, and the FertilPrep, a natural mucolytic and antioxidant, really made me feel I was putting the right nutrients in my body to conceive more quickly. Oh, and the oil was a nice treat to use in the bath or shower. Thank you, PregPrep, for helping me feel empowered and in control this time around. I got pregnant the second month using your kit and now have a 3 month old beautiful baby boy.”

Antonia, 41, New York City

“When my husband and I decided to start trying for a family of our own, I was worried that it would take me a long time to get pregnant – considering that it took my mother four years to conceive her first child, and the current statistics that women in my age range (early 30’s) only have a 15% chance of getting pregnant each month. I was fortunate to discover PregPrep right when we were ready to start trying, and I am ecstatic to share that after ONE month of using PregPrep, I am pregnant with my first child!  The kit was easy to use and provided everything my body needed to successfully conceive our future son or daughter. I happened to find out that I was pregnant on my husband’s birthday and wrapped the positive pregnancy test as one of his gifts. He said it was the best birthday gift ever!  I’m looking forward to sharing PregPrep with my girlfriends who are ready to start families of their own.”

Lauren, 30, Staten Island, NY

“PregPrep’s Make That Baby kit is a wonderful product for any woman trying to get pregnant. I used this method when trying to conceive my daughter. Easy, safe, and effective. I recommend PregPrep to my patients all the time.”

Jame Heskett, MD, Founder/Medical Director Wellpath Wellness Center, NYC

“When I first decided to get pregnant, I was worried that it wouldn’t happen quickly. My cycle is a bit irregular and I had been on birth control for a long time. At 33 years old, I knew a lot of women struggling to get pregnant. So after a few months of trying, I discovered PregPrep’s Make That Baby Kit and decided to give it a try. I followed their advice, took the Prenatal VitaMelts everyday and theFertilPrep for the 5 days leading up ovulation. I used the kit for 2 months and got pregnant the second month. I really believe the Make That Baby Kit helped me conceive. I am so excited to be pregnant and have encouraged my friends to try PregPrep as well.”

Katie, 33, Nurse from CT

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