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“Hi, my name is Savannah and I am due in June! Thanks to PregPrep, we are pregnant! After trying to conceive for a while, we decided to give PregPrep a try. We bought the Complete Conception kit in August and got pregnant at the end of the month. We can’t thank you guys enough. This is the biggest blessing. I highly recommend PregPrep to anyone trying to conceive.”


“Hi, my name is Dominique and I’m 25 years old. My husband and I had been trying to conceive with no luck. I ran across an article on how PregPrep has helped many women and decided to give it a try. I bought PregPrep, began taking the supplements, and found out the next month that I was pregnant! I’m beyond happy. PregPrep worked for me and was affordable. Thanks PregPrep!”

Dominique, 25

“After trying for almost a year, my husband and I were losing hope. I saw PregPreg on GMA and decided to give it a shot! I started taking PregPrep in early July of 2015 and on found out we were pregnant July 24, 2015!  Our son is now 10 months old and we are so blessed! We thank God everyday for our precious gift. Thank you to everyone at PregPrep!”

Tiffany Breann, 27, Texas

“PregPrep definitely works! After trying-to-conceive for a while, PregPrep helped me get pregnant. My amazing boss came across this product on Good Morning America, so I ordered it and gave it a try. The next thing I knew, I was 8 weeks & 6 days pregnant! My baby boy is now 18 months and his name is Isaac Andrew.”

Ruby, 30, Florida

“One morning I was watching Good Morning America and saw a segment on a product called PregPrep that was helping women get pregnant. My ears perked up. It was now available over the counter at your local CVS. They had the doctor who created it on as well as other women who were trying to conceive. So what did I do? I jumped in my car and headed to CVS. What did I have to lose?

And so in October of 2015, I started PregPrep. Basically, the idea behind it is kind of like the idea of cough medicine. We take a mucolytic to thin out the mucus in our lungs, which in turn thins out the mucus in our entire bodies (including our cervical mucus.) So in addition to the prenatal supplement you take each day, in the days leading up to ovulation you take FertilPrep, which thins out your cervical mucus, making it easier on those little guys to swim on their long journey.

Welp, cut to November of 2015. Guess what? It worked. I’m sure there were a number of factors involved as well, including my level of stress which had come down significantly, but I most certainly had PregPrep to thank which helped increase my odds.”

Raquel Kelley

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