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“I wanted to say to share my success. Got off my birth control in September and tried to get pregnant by November cycle as I wanted a summer baby. No luck in November and I knew that my window for a summer baby was closing. I went ahead and took PregPrep and found out right before Christmas that I was pregnant. Happy I was able to use PregPrep to help me plan a summer baby”.


“My husband and I have been trying since June and I bought this the beginning of December. I started taking it and just last week I found out that I’m pregnant!”


“I would like to share my PregPrep story. I started taking PregPrep in December, turned 38 in January, and the Saturday after Valentine’s Day, I took a pregnancy test. To my surprise, it came out positive! I am so happy to say, I carried my baby to term and on October 23rd I gave birth to a handsome, healthy baby boy. Here is my PregPrep baby, Daniel Wayne”.


“I would just like to tell you how amazing your product is. I went to CVS, purchased your kit and on the first try I got pregnant. I am 22 weeks along now. I’m in a group called Mom and Munchkin on Facebook and anyone who posts about ttc I always recommend Pregprep. Thank you so much!!!”


“Thank you, PregPrep, for this product! After trying to get pregnant, I tried this product for one month and we became pregnant with TWINS!! They are just over 4 1/2 months old now and are full of smiles everyday! Thank you again for helping us get our family!”



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